A human adventure concept

Uncharted Experiences at the core of the Iberian warmth and wisdom

Terra Traditions is the outcome of over two decades of intense travel experience.
Our path started in 2010, out of our passion for travelling and a drive to break down barriers.

We are a boutique luxury destination management company fully oriented towards customized itineraries and tailor made corporate events in Spain and Portugal. We take care of all details and never offer any exclusivity that we do not have previously experienced by ourselves. This way we can always ensure the authenticity and true essence of each spot and accomplish the finest experience for every customer.
Our goal is to allow you to experience our country through the unique life force energy that Iberian people enjoy to share.
From this perspective, and approach of luxury travel agency, we can always assure a true Lifetime Experience in Spain or Portugal.
Our tours are always private and fully customized to your needs and preferences in order to ensure you get the finest travel memories.

We believe that travel should have a positive impact for everyone involved, for our guests and for the native people we work with. True adventure is always as much about the people you meet as the place you discover.







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Passionate Team

Our dedicated team is passionate about the work they do. After over two decades living and travelling in our destinations, we have refined a deep knowledge and built relationships with the best experts in their fields

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We provide safe, reliable, and convenient services. As an ASTA International member we follow the ASTA code of ethics and offer the conditions of reliability the association strictly ask us to respect. We are a fully certified and bonded travel agency so you can rest assured of being in hands of professional luxury travel experts

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Competitive Prices

We design custom luxury holidays and VIP corporate events with highly competitive prices. Our prize is always comparable to what you'd pay by going direct, without all the hassle of necessary arrangements. We earn our salary by settling adjusted prices with our partners and providers

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Feedback Matters

We collect, build, and learn from our guest’s feedback. Moreover, we pride ourselves on being able to ask the right questions so that you can ensure we get exactly what you’re after

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Our long running existence is based on our respect and passion for the unique natural resources in the Iberian Peninsula. Our trips aren't only about seeing, they are about embracing the magic of these wonderful countries. We believe luxury travel must change things for the better

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Improvement & Innovation

Our vision is to become a reference in the luxury travel market in Spain and Portugal, while we strive to improve and innovate in order to continue amazing the most discerning travelers. Each experience development is built on cooperation with our licensed suppliers, on feedback from clients and guests, on ever-changing new trends, but mostly, the inspiration comes from our own travel experiences

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Local Experts

We offer charming luxury holidays and unique special events made possible by our use of accredited local suppliers so you can delve inside spanish and portuguese culture. We only offer unique and authentic travel experiences for those who seek to go beyond all the clichés

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Top-Notch Assistance

We always have staff on hand 24/7 to assist you before and during your trip in order to provide a unique and smooth experience. It is how we deal with any kind of situation which really sets us apart