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Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a region with its own language, character and history. The city itself could keep you occupied for weeks as it as an energetic work of art in progress, much the same as Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, but just outside it are amazing sandy beaches, groovy and trendy Sitges or the relaxed scenery of the Montserrat mountain range.
Costa Brava rugged coast is without a doubt one of the less known treasures of Spain, and is considered by beach lovers as Spain's prettiest coast. A scene which surpasses all expectations: here you find everything from green mountains, wide sandy beaches, unspoiled coves, charming sea-side villages and designer shops, to Greek and Roman ruins, excellent vineyards and wineries, and both Michelin starred restaurants and traditional local delights.


Barcelona has much to offer those who enjoy art and architecture. The city is inextricably linked with the works of Gaudi, especially the huge unfinished church of Sagrada Familia, with its Sequoia shaped columns and singular Neo Gothic decoration, which creates an atmosphere both futuristic and medieval. The colourful mosaics of Parc Güell with its wavy forms. The tangled lanes of the Gothic Quarter with the splendid 700 year old Cathedral ruling the maze of narrow streets opening in the vibrant Boqueria Market, a gastronomical must-see which evokes deep passion among all foodies. These are just a few of Barcelona's attractions which add up to make quite an invigorating cultural experience.


Girona, a labyrinthine city with a long 2000 years history, believed to be founded around 76 bc. The city provides a refreshing medieval scenery to the more hedonist nearby Costa Brava. Girona features an outstanding walled medieval quarter, the Barri Vell, which spreads along a hill above the city centre. Its narrow cobbled alleyways, shady squares and colorful balconied houses are a delight to explore. Clinging to the banks of the Ríu Onyar, which divides the city in two as it meanders through the centre of town, you will find a long row of picturesque colorful houses known as the Cases de l’Onyar. We personally love to wander the narrow streets of the old town, considered the best preserved medieval Jewish quarter in Spain, to soak up the historical atmosphere.


The light and vivid colours of Cadaqués also attracted Picasso and Miró but the town was the bedrock of Dalí’s Catalan soul. It was in almost all his pictures. Only here he dared remove his trademark clown’s mask. He was born in Figueres but his father owned a Cadaqués villa. The infant surrealist said he knew every rock on Cadaqués beach. This is the archetypal landscape of Dalí’s surreal world.

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