Bespoke Destinations in Northern Spain

The foundations of what we now consider modern Spain were laid the Old Kingdom of Castile. Stretching to the north from Madrid, and including the current state of Castilla y Leon, the story of Castile is associated to Don Quijote and El Cid, with fairy tale castles surrounded by windmills, maidens in distress, crusaders and duals at dawn. It was Castile, under the rule of the Catholic Kings (Isabel & Fernando) that became the most powerful force of the Muslim Reconquest, extending its total domination through military conquests and orchestrated marriage alliances.
The unrivalled art collection of Prado Museum and Thyssen-Bornemisza collection.
The architectural magnificence throughout the whole region, including the cathedrals of Burgos and León. Much fine sculpture as well.
Walled villages, grand monasteries, windmills, hilltop castles and a backdrop of vast, undulating landscape.
The vast and magnificent 16th-century Palace of El Escorial.


Madrid’s three world-class art museums and two royal palaces alone would set the pulses racing, but there is more to this exciting and diverse capital than its tourist sights. The fashion boutiques of the Salamanca district showcase Europe’s top designers and are just the tip of a shopping iceberg, perfectly complementing the informality of the fascinating El Rastro market, while Madrid’s world-famous tapas bars vie for attention with gourmet restaurants and humble tabernas in a city which never sleeps. To simply watch the world go by, head for the supremely elegant Plaza Mayor.


Probably the most important main square in Spain: Plaza Mayor, the City Hall, the House of Shells, the famous University and the new and old cathedrals and Renaissance palaces, such as the 16th-century palaces of Salina, Orellana and Anaya.


The city of Segovia is universally famous for the Aqueduct, an imposing engineering marvel dating from Roman times. Here there is also a visit to the Alcazar, an enchanting fairytale fortress castle, the cathedral and the Jewish quarter.


One of the oldest and most interesting historical cities of Europe, reflects the many cultures that have formed it, and perhaps better than any other city reflects the many moods of Spain’s art and history. Some of Toledo’s top attractions are the magnificent Gothic Cathedral, the ancient Jewish Synagogue and the jewish quarter.

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