Being car enthusiasts ourselves we know what you’re looking for in a luxury car rental service and will allow you to book any specific high range model or smart family car you would like to drive.
You don’t need to leave anything up to chance during luxury vacation in Spain or Portugal. Enjoy a unique experience driving that luxury sports car you have always wanted, or relax backseat while enjoying the views.

Our dedicated suppliers provide all kind of VIP services including door-to-door delivery, security and chauffeur services.

We offer unique customised services that will enhance your experience and make your visit memorable.

Driving through the curvaceous Iberian Peninsula is best enjoyed while in the comfort of a luxury car.

This vibrant european region has much to offer its visitors, from coastlines and mountains to historic cities and a vibrant cultural life. The quality of major roads over both countries is remarkable, and there is a vast number of motorways which connect major cities and more remote areas. Only Spain comprises over 16.000 km. of top quality highways, making it the 5th largest motorway network in the world.

Are you passionate about super sports cars and high range vehicles?

Terra Traditions offers a wide range of vehicles without drivers so you can enjoy them during your stay. Our suppliers collection is not limited to niche super cars, but also prestige vehicles, latest 4X4s and SUVs, modern cabrios and convertibles, smart family cars, and many more.

We will arrange the car you want, anywhere and whenever you want it.