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Terra Traditions has joined ASTA, the American Association of Travel Agents, with the main purpose of strengthening our worldwide presence while building a new network of inbound suppliers. This way, we have joined a very limited and exclusive number of travel agencies in Spain belonging to the ASTA Network.


We believe that it’s only through mutual efforts that travel agents can have real impact in our industry. That includes telling about the value of working with other travel agents, speaking as one voice to the industry and representing its core affairs.

ASTA - Luxury Travel Partner

Also, ASTA provides an additional layer of trust and security to our customers, specially those proceeding from the United States. During 2016 the total number of american travelers who enjoyed some of our customised tours or luxury travel experiences, accounted for almost half of our total production, and we expect to strengthen our presence in the American market in the forthcoming period.


You can check our public ASTA profile on:



We have also added an ASTA seal to our website design which is linked to our ASTA partnership certificate.