Castillo del Buen Amor - Salamanca Experience
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The Castle of Villanueva del Cañedo’s, also known as the Castle of Good Love (Castillo del Buen Amor), is located in the heart of the Salamanca wine area. This Renaissance style construction was built in the 15th century on the remains of an old 11th century building. In its origins it served as a military fortress and the first testimonies on the Castle history are found in the year 1227.

Castillo del Buen Amor PatioDuring all the restoration tasks that have been performed on the Castle, the main objective was always the conservation of the castle as a historical and cultural legacy because of it’s singular and unique design. It is for this reason that the structure of the building has always been preserved and the indications and guidelines of the Territorial commission of Historical Heritage have been followed during the whole restoration.


The Castillo del Buen Amor was declared a historical monument by national decree in 1931. This entails a vast number of obligations, such as the duty to keep it all times in perfect condition, always respecting its main structure, as well as the duty to divulgate it to the public.

Built of sandstone, the castle has retained its structure over time and every work that has undertaken has made the castle retain the original structure, but adding all the highest quality standards, luxury comforts and latest technical improvements.

Imagine a night at this fairytale hotel…

In the silence of the night you notice the thick walls that give you shelter from the immense bed. You are in the Castle of Good Love, a castle of the 15th century and everything seems like a story: the armour, the tapestries, the mudejar fireplace, the wooden shelves of the XVIII… You have woken up and come down to breakfast at the old stables of the fortress, which became a Renaissance palace in 1477. The Fernandez de Trocóniz family, outstanding, will tell you the history and legends of the castle. The pool, located in the moat, will give you from the lounger a magnificent view. You will also have fun losing yourself in its vegetable maze of this charming hotel and discovering passageways. Already at dinner, in the yard of arms, try the semi-liquid croquettes or the tataki of Kobe Ox. Get away from ten.

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