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This experience follows the steps of a very ancient Spanish tradition and also allows us to discover how Spanish people today like to do and enjoy lifes, especially gastronomy.
The first ingredient is an old tradition… When the Spanish royal family lived in Madrid and in the Escorial monastery, they also had summer Palaces in the small city of Aranjuez, not far from Toledo. The city is situated in the Tajo River valley, the River which then crosses the Peninsula and enters Portugal where it becomes the Tagus river, famous for Lisbon’s bridges.

The valley around Aranjuez is extraordinary fertile like an oasis in the middle of the desert. This outstanding fertility allowed the creation of magnificent gardens around the Royal palaces and also what was called the Royal orchards, and area of gardens where were produced extraordinary vegetables with incredible texture and taste. The kitchens of the Aranjuez palaces were famous in all the kingdom for these incredible vegetables, like in a children’s tale. This tradition practically disappeared when the Royal family abandoned the palaces.

The second element is the arrival of a young Spanish chef who falls in love with the area and the local traditions. Being a creator who like to innovate following ultimate trends, he also takes time to recuperate old recipes based on the quality of the raw products. Our artist decides to buy its own gardens in the orchards area and to use exclusivity its own vegetables for his recipes. The result of this story, entirely made of passion and know how, following the steps of history, is something unique in Spain and in Western Europe. To have the possibility of enjoying an entirely vegetarian tasting menu with the best culinary standards and rewards is something rare in this part of the world. But the specificity of Casa Jose restaurant is not only in preparing good recipes based on vegetables. The goal is to re-discover textures and flavors which may be considered as forgotten in this world of industrial production in which even organic products do not reach the exquisite level of flavor you will discover as in a leap into old times mixed with the ultimate trends in modern gastronomy.
Sounds a bit of surrealist but so is the adventure !

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