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Even better than Manchego!

A true delicatessen seasoned for more than 12 months

The Sierra de Cadiz Mountains are the land of one of world’s best cheeses: Payoyo, a true delicatessen for connoisseurs. This is one of our favorite secrets we like to bring to our foodie guests, during our Southern Spain luxury private tours or during one of our food & wine itineraries and adventures.
There can be no possible dispute when it comes to saying that the Sierra de Cadiz has everything that is necessary for those who wish to enjoy nature, tourism and gastronomy.

Payoyo is the name given to one of the types of artisan cheese specifically produced in Grazalema and Villaluenga del Rosario, 2 small white villages and authentic little gems situated in the Mountains.
This cheese is well-known and renowned internationally through numerous awards, such as the World Cheese Awards where it was proclaimed best cheese in the world.
The most important element in Payoyo cheese production is the type of milk coming exclusively from a goat that is indigenous to the Sierra de Cadiz, known as the “payoya” goat. A truly organic milk which can’t be compared to any other because of its flavored taste.

However it is worth noting that Payoyo cheese is a local brand and not a designation of origin, as some believe.
These cheeses have become a real delicacy that can be seen at events of such standing as the Davis Cup, or in the famous Harrods store in London as well as best gourmet shops in the USA. Also in restaurants such as Tickets, by the brothers Ferrán and Albert Adriá in Barcelona. For them both Payoyo is the best Spanish cheese for unforgettable creative tapas…


Terra Traditions private tours and luxury Spain holydays: Private visit of Payoyo cheese dairy with tasting.

During one of our white villages routes around Ronda, a visit to the Payoyo fabric in Villaluenga del Rosario is something not to be missed.
During these visits our guests can take part in a cheese workshop, where they can see, through a glass, how Payoyo cheese is made and even participate in its production process.
At the end, of course, the tastings: you will be amazed by the different types Payoyo cheese that exist. an instructor who will explain how to taste them. Cheeses cured with rosemary, paprika, pork lard, wheat bran…
Best Payoyo cheese will be tasted also at the restaurant La Carboná in Jerez de la frontera, with very old sherry pairings: an outstanding experience, absolutely unique (fortified wines of 30 to 50 years old).
If you are a cheese enthusiast have a look at our Toro and Old Castile private tour, a unique experience with a private visit to an amazing artisan cheese factory visit with tasting.