The Gipsy Soul

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Min. 1 pax

A  meeting point for Gipsy artists and connoisseurs, Cardamomo is the place for the most heartbreaking Flamenco experience in Madrid…

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    Iberian Lifestyle
  • Average Length
    2-4 hours
All about the The Gipsy Soul

Flamenco Venue

Gipsy Passion at Cardamomo

Dinner with flamenco show (VIP menu drinks included)

Considered as one of the most cutting edge tablaos in Spain, this is the favourite flamenco venue in Madrid for some of the best performers and flamenco enthusiasts. There is only one Cardamomo, a place where spontaneous and raw flamenco flourishes in the dark, with the simple but evocative singing of a cantaor and a guitar maestro. This venue has showcased many of the greatest flamenco artists, such as Enrique and Estrella Morente, Joaquín Cortés, Tomatito and the Sevillian guitarist Raimundo Amador, which among many others, performed in this same stage in the early years of their careers.

Cardamomo has an assorted and rich programming that promises an unforgettable and authentic show which consists of up to 9 Flamenco artists on-stage  It is indeed the only Tablao Flamenco Show in Madrid praised by the prestigious New York Times magazine.

Cardamomo Flamenco Venue Madrid

Flamenco Show and welcome drink.