The Moorish Legacy
Madrid, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Lisbon

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Enjoy the fun of life through the authentic and exciting Iberian roots: Magic of Gypsy Flamenco, visions of Moorish splendors, sierras and deserts adventures, gastrobars, tapas and wines…
Discover the charm of Andalusia in this private luxury tour in southern Spain customised to your specific needs.

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    All about the The Moorish Legacy
    Madrid, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Lisbon.


    The Magic of Moorish Spain

    During thousands of years, different civilizations and religions considered the Iberian Peninsula as a land into which pilgrims had to go in order to rediscover the true meaning of life and rejuvenate spiritually. Today, in a globalized world, these concepts may seem from other times, but for who truly knows the Iberian Peninsula there is still something different to find along its routes, some kind of spiritual energy which awakens the Soul! And this is the concept beyond this tour: to offer a modern approach to the old mystery… Southern Spain, this region of Andalusia is where settled all the civilizations of the Mediterranean world, and where the Spaniards could create not a cultural melting pot but a very peculiar culture. You will thoroughly enjoy experiencing firsthand what zest for life is really about an adventure in the most authentic Spanish region: energetic, exotic, spiritual, eclectic and fun…

    Take this sample itinerary as a template for crafting your own private luxury tour in southern Spain.
    Tell us what your desires and expectations are, and we will do the rest for you, making your Spanish vacation one to remember.

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    These regions of southern spain mostly share a Mediterranean climate, making it a year round destination. You can usually rely on pleasant mild temperatures from October to February, increasing dramatically from April to September.

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    Suggested Standard Itinerary
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    1. Day 1 Madrid


      Guided walking tour of Old Madrid

    2. Day 2 Madrid - Seville

      Luxury Southern Spain Tour - Sevilla

      Spanish Paintings collection at the Prado Museum

      High speed train to Seville

      Luxury Moorish Baths with massage

    3. Day 3 Seville

      Luxury Southern Spain Tour - Flamenco - Sevilla

      Guided walking tour of the old city

      Tapas lunch at the Market

      Visit of a traditional bulls ranch with owner

      Authentic Flamenco Show

    4. Day 4 Córdoba


      Thematic cultural visit around the 3 religions

      (Mosque, Synagogue and “mudejar” church)

    5. Day 5 Malaga


      High speed train to Malaga

      Visit of the historic center and Picasso Museum

      Transfer to a Spanish Hacienda ( lifestyle country retreat experience)
      and overnight stay

    6. Day 6 Granada


      Full day tour to Granada

      Visit of the Alhambra and of World’s Heritage Albaycin quarter

      Overnight stay at the hacienda

    7. Day 7 Ronda


      Visit of the old city and historical bullring

      Overnight stay at the hacienda

    8. Day 8 Lisbon

      Luxury Southern Spain and Portugal Luxury Tour - Lisbon

      Flight to Lisbon

      Guided walking tour of the old city and ride on the famous tram

    9. Day 9 Lisbon´s Romantic Coast

      Luxury Southern Spain Private Tour - Sintra

      Full day visit of Sintra and Cascais

      Palacio da Pena

    10. Day 10 Central Portugal Gems

      Luxury Southern Spain and Portugal Tour - Obidos Street

      Full day tour to the lovely small cities of Nazare and Obidos

    11. Day 11 Departure

      Private transfer to the airport

    Insider Experiences

    This program begins with the private visit of an Hacienda which is an important stud farm with beautiful pure Spanish pedigree horses. The adventure continues with the visit of two private domains, one of them being a famous chasse where go to hunt important people from the European aristocracy and also from the Emirates. Finally we will arrive at a hunters house in the top of the hill with dramatic landscapes and we will watch a show of falconry, one of the most fascinating old Moorish traditions. Great BBQ at the hunters house, privately prepared in the south American way (“asado argentino”). After lunch we will visit a private Bulls livestock farming approaching the giant specimens already prepared for the famous run of the Bulls.

    Departure to Sierra Morena where are situated the most important stockbreeding Haciendas with “Toros Bravos” of Seville, surrounded by dramatic landscapes. This visit will be truly different as it will be entirely and privately guided by the owner, an extremely passionate and enthusiastic Sevillian aristocrat with a very deep knowledge and a touch of madness when he tells us about his passion… A true and unforgettable experience at the core of Spain’s oldest tradition.

    Doñana National Park – Seville
    Doñana is not only the most important natural reserve of Southern Europe but it is also the most protected. All the national park itself is an area of very intense protection and visits are very limited. The private visit in a special 4×4 vehicle will be the unique opportunity to discover the last unchartered land of Europe. The park is of instance beauty with an outstanding animal wild life and several extremely protected species. The views of the Beaches and the ocean with the sand dunes are absolutely unforgettable.

    The Bad Lands – Granada
    The region situated on the North face of Sierra Nevada is made of deserts and canyons called bad lands. A region of incredible landscapes, troglodyte villages and outstanding megalithic treasures takes us 3000 years ago, up to the origin of the Iberian mystery.

    There is no matter here for spectacle, this is indeed the opposite of a show. The point is to recreate what was the essence of flamenco in the old times, a Gypsy family party or “fiesta”. An inmersión experience in which the group will integrate a team of artists and fully communicate with them.

    Immerse yourself in spanish southern culture during a vibrant Flamenco lesson in Seville. You will learn the basic steps of this dance, including hand movements, and about Flamenco history as well.

    This cooking experience takes place in Seville’s renowned Triana market. Begin with a ‘behind the scenes’ guided market tour, during which you will meet many specialised vendors. You will get to know about locally grown organic products and select the ingredients that will later be used during the cooking workshop.

    You will continue with the preparation of 4 course menu, under the instruction of a professionally trained bilingual chef, and you will learn and develop some local techniques and traditional skills to take home from your trip. Andalusian olives and sangria will be served during the class, and you will get all written recipes and lots of useful tips.

    The Albaycin quarter is Granada’s most emblematic old district. You will not only visit it, you will also meet and share with the most typical people like artists, Gypsies, as well as grandmothers and incredible little kids….

    Private reception by one of the most important families of the Spanish aristocracy in their fascinating old palace, a 15th century traditional construction, where you will learn the way of life and the old traditions of the city. A very unique and exclusive experience.

    Visit of a local ham fabric, which still follows strict old production traditions. At the beginning of the experience you we will be able to really understand the real economy of those regions. A way not only to taste excellent ham but also to learn about the old spanish society.

    Visit of a Manchego Cheese fabric, which works exclusively with local milk and produces an incredible cheese which has been awarded in national and international trade shows, the famous Payoyo cheese.

    Old Sherry Wines
    The Spanish Sherry wines are in fact the true ones as they come from the origin itself, the city of Jerez, now strictly protected by a DPO l. About 10 years ago Robert Parker (the wine advocate) came to Jerez and discovered the wines called V.O.R.S Sherry , the very old Sherry wines, selected sherries of at least 30 to 50 years old. The production of these wines has been kept only by a very few wineries, mostly family run wineries which have escaped from the extreme standarization of the sector.
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil mill with tasting
    Visit of an outstanding Spanish hacienda with old oil mill where is produced one of the best Signature Extra Virgin Olive oils of the Iberian Peninsula

    Always included...
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    • Accommodation in the chosen hotels (bed & breakfast) and in Premium rooms
    • Porterage of 1 luggage p person
    • Guided visits and entrance to main monuments
    • Tour director
    • Meals according to the program
    • All taxes