Private Walking Tour

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Discover the rich history of Salamanca while uncovering its main attractions: Plaza Mayor, the oldest Spanish University, the City Hall, the House of Shells, and the new and old cathedrals and Renaissance palaces. Discover the city ancient legacy, culture, traditions and architecture in this private walking tour of Salamanca with the professional assistance of a local specialised guide.

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All about the Private Walking Tour

Private Walking Tour of Salamanca

Experience this lively sunny sandstone beauty

Salamanca is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and is considered a symbol of the Old Castile because of it’s continued cultural relevance and strategic location at the heart of the Iberian Peninsula.

Salamanca has a vibrant history with a constant central character, it’s glorious University, the oldest in Spain and considered as the second in Europe, following Bologna in Italy. With this, we can understand why it has been during centuries one of the most potent centers of knowledge in the old continent. The university is still the most relevant institution in the city. Salamanca is a vibrant, youthful city with a fantastic atmosphere and cultural scene.

On our walking tour, guided by a specialist of history and arts, you will learn many great stories about the most important buildings, like the outstanding Plaza Mayor and the magnificent Cathedral. It is indeed easy to fall in love with such an incredible city which allows a real experience out of time and space.

This golden sandstone city is mostly constructed using the same grey material, a very particular stone which turns golden after approximately 40 years under the light of the sun. This kaleidoscope provides the city with a unique and almost surreal glow. When the sun sets, the colors of the entire Old Town turn even more spectacular, illuminating the buildings in a way which genuinely seems like they were made of gold.
If you want to discover Salamanca while you stroll through its narrow streets, this private walking tour ensures you don’t miss any of the hidden Old Town spots, while hearing all the relevant stories and anecdotes about the most important buildings.

Professional Art & History Lecturer Guide.
Entrance Tickets for both Cathedrals.
Prices indicated are subject to change on weekends and local holidays