Secrets of Old Madrid

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Visit with a specialised guide one of the oldest parts of the city. Some of the Tour Highlights: Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Descalzas Reales Covent, Market of San Miguel, Calle Segovia, the Royal Palace…

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All about the Secrets of Old Madrid

Secrets of Old Madrid

Visit with an History of Art graduate guide

Our Madrid walking tour will transport you through the vast Spanish history, deep into the oldest area of the city. You will learn all about the city’s particular Muslim foundations, exploring it’s whole history and Madrid’s role as the capital of Spain. Madrid was founded approximately at the end of 9th century (around year 870) by the emir of Cordoba Muhammad I, who constructed a fortress where the Royal Palace now stands. This will be our starting point. From there we will walk along the bustling streets that witnessed all these events, strolling and chilling in the elegant squares, and uncovering the most popular spots of Madrid’s past and present times. We will visit Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s largest square which hosts the world’s oldest working restaurant; Puerta del Sol, Spain’s centrical kilometre 0, Royal Palace , the Market of San Miguel, the Almudena Cathedral with their sumptuous surroundings, the founding Muslim Walls, the Royal Gardens of Sabattini

The tour will end with the visit of one of the most astonishing monuments of the old city, the Descalzas Reales Convent, an exclusive concussion in direct contact with the past of the catholic kingdom of Spain.

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