Sevillana Dance Master Class - Seville Experience

Sevillanas Masterclass

185.00TAX INC.
Min. 4 pax

Sevillanas masterclass with Sergio Gonzalez, former member of the Spanish National Ballet and a popular flamenco figure. Learn the basics or improve your moments while learning the history of this art…

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    Iberian Lifestyle
  • Average Length
    1,5 hours
All about the Sevillanas Masterclass

Sevillanas Dance Masterclass

Somewhere, deep inside, there’s some flamenco in us all

A one-hour private class given by Sergio Gonzalez, member of the Spanish National Ballet. More than just a taste of flamenco, this experience will allow you to experience directly the feelings and basic movements of this unique art. A perfect way to connect with the vibrant dancing culture of Seville, worldwide famous for being the origin of flamenco.