Toledo Cultural & Foodie Tour

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Enjoy a full day private guided tour of Toledo; Learn about the influence that Arabs, Christians, and Jews have had on the landscape of the city: the synagogues of Santa María la Blanca and El Tránsito, the Cathedral, and the Bisagra Gate. Private Visit to a Winery with Tasting and Tapas Tour in the Old Town.

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All about the Toledo Cultural & Foodie Tour

Cultural & Foodie Tour in Toledo

Flavors and sights of the City of Three Cultures

Toledo, the former capital of Spain, often called the medieval Jerusalem of Occident, is one of the cities with the largest abundance of monuments in all Spain. Also recognized as the ‘City of the Three Cultures’, because of the harmony in which the different cultures, Arabs, Jews, and Christians have shared the city for centuries. The Old Town maintains a remarkable cultural legacy in the form of magnificent religious temples, royal palaces, medieval fortresses, Jewish synagogues and Arab mosques. This varied range of influences is especially visible and captivating in the tangled streets of the Old Quarter, a real open-air museum. It is in this mystical part of the city where the blend of Moorish, Jewish and Christian roots is more prevalent.

Toledo has its origins in Toletum, which is the name the Romans gave to this region on the banks of the River Tagus when they settled here after its conquest in the year 190 BC. Since then, the city increased its importance for centuries and, at the beginning of the Visigothic era, became the capital of Hispania. The later arrival of the Arabs in the 8th century, summed to the presence of Christians and Jews, made Toledo the central cultural and religious region in the Peninsula. These centuries were one of Toledo’s most splendid periods when, among other notable events, the Toledo School of Translators was founded. In the following years, especially when Carlos V became King in 1519, the city became an imperial capital. The way in which Christians, Arabs, and Jews lived side by side for centuries has been translated in the form of a rich artistic and cultural legacy spread all across the city.



Fina Loranque has been producing wines from the denomination “Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla” for over 200 years.
A selected private wine experience in unique surroundings.
Visitors will have the occasion to master the art of viticulture in detail in a 200-year-old winery, enclosed in a carefully tended vineyard planted featuring the most prestigious families of grapes.
A guided tour all over the winery made on foot, which will end with a tasting of wines.





The maze of streets making up the historic center of Toledo is surrounded by walls which showcase the distinctive city gates, all of them under the influence of the varied cultural influences. From all these gates the one that stands out is the Bisagra gate, with Muslim origins, it was initially the primary access to the city within the walls.

Architectural remains of the Jewish community are still well preserved in the city in the synagogues of Santa María la Blanca and El Tránsito. Santa Maria la Blanca was built around the 12th century and is also an excellent example of Toledo’s Mudejar art. It features five naves and an unusual geometrical and botanical decoration with striking horseshoe arches. Meanwhile, in the synagogue of El Tránsito, you can admire one of the best Mudejar coffered ceilings in the world, along with walls richly decorated with geometrical and botanical designs and Hebrew inscriptions. Nowadays, this Jewish place of worship houses the Sephardic Museum, in which an exciting collection of pieces of art and various objects used in Jewish ceremonies are exhibited. Another highlight of this walking town of Toledo’s Old Town will be the visit to the Cathedral, one of the most outstanding buildings in the city, considered one of the greatest examples of Gothic art.





The best way to discover at the same time an old Spanish tradition and one of the most attractive regional cuisines of the Iberian Peninsula. Your expert guide will take you to secret places that only locals know where you will taste delicious specialties and also some excellent wines of Castilla la Mancha, one of the most promising regions in the new Spanish excellent wine production.

Frescoes inside Toledo's CathedralFRESCOES INSIDE THE CATHEDRAL


Private transfer in Luxury car with driver and foodie guide full day.
Visit of the winery with wine tasting.
Guided walking tour Old Toledo with local guide and entrance to main monuments.
Tapas & wines route (2 taverns).