Toro and Old Castile
Madrid – Salamanca

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Visit of a Toro winery with owner, premium wine tasting, Top foodie lunch at a beautiful restaurant with premium wine pairings, visit of an amazing artisan cheese factory at the heart of Old Castile…

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    Foodie & Wine
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    Full Day
All about the Toro and Old Castile
Madrid – Salamanca

The Toro Food & Wine Tour

A good taste of the Iberian Soul



Toro region is considered as one of the most promising of Spain in the production of great red wines, spread across Castilla y León in northwestern Spain. The region is mostly famous for it’s red wines, ranging a broad spectrum from Joven robust, young wines, to aged Gran Reservas. The only condition is that every grade must be produced with at least 75 percent of Tinta de Toro grape. The best aged reds always contain 100 percent Tinta de Toro and have concentrated taste, quite robust and well-structured.

This famous PDO name is given by the capital of this region, Toro, located right at the heart of one of the most productive winemaking areas in Spain, spread above the high banks of the Douro Valley. The town is famous for having secured the victory of the forces of Isabel I over the Portuguese, confirming her as the successor for the Castilian throne. This time period is visible all across Toro, with its remarkable medieval architecture and stunning riverside views. Though the region is famous for its wines since the middle ages, there is also plenty of evidence that even the Romans produced wine in this area. The most popular building in the city is one of Spain’s best examples of Romanesque architectue, the Colegiata church.



This artisan winery has been founded by a French winemaker, Antony, who literally falled in love with Tinta de Toro grape and began an enological adventure with a clear intention: to recuperate all the grape qualities through genuine artisan methods and a strictly organic production. Antony’s wines are already over 90 points in the Wine Advocate punctuations.

Complete visit with the owner and premium tasting with artisan Manchego cheese and chocolate.



A degustation menu specially elaborated for this experience and served in a beautiful restaurant situated in a historical palace of Toro old town, with stunning views over the region. Delicious regional food and wine pairings with some of the most emblematic Toro wines.



Located in the middle of nowhere, right at the heart of Old Castile, Juan’s Cheese fabric is an amazing love affair!
Juan is an extraordinary artist and for that reason some of the most famous Michelin starred Spanish chefs work with him in his small artisan fabric in search of creations which reach the highest perfection. A true unforgettable visit and tasting, the best conclusion for this Food and Wine private tour at the heart of Spain. An exclusive experience available from both Madrid and Salamanca.



Private guided visit to winery & tasting.
Degustation with wine pairings.
Artisan Cheese Factory visit and tasting
English speaking driver.
This experience is available from both Madrid and Salamanca.